With GSP at the heart beat of the sub region (Douala-Cameroon), its experts have taken this opportunity to digest the content of the Cameroon forestry Code of 1994 as well as the 1995 decree laying down the procedure for implementing the Forests Systems. As a matter of fact, 75% of Cameroon is covered with forest or woodland. The forests and biodiversity of Cameroon constitute a significant portion of the Congo basin, the world’s second largest ecosystem after the Amazon basin. Thus Cameroon’s forest has a long history of commercial logging.

In recent years, the area annually opened up for logging has increased significantly as has the number of species harvested. Cameroon is today the leading exporter of tropical timber in Africa. The logging sector is dominated by a small number of foreign companies with the financial and technical capacity to overcome hurdles such as transport difficulties. Notwithstanding there is a history of conflict over the ownership and use of forests, often the result of local communities resentment at being denied access to the benefits of forest activities.

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